Hello special friends, clients and colleagues! Welcome to the “Grand Reopening” of PeopleSense, LLC. Tammi Wheeler is now focusing fulltime on consulting and leadership coaching and is available to help with your organization’s needs! I am excited to tell you that I am returning to doing the work I love to do and partnering with people I enjoy working with the most! That’s why you are receiving this notice.

“We can teach Old Dogs, New Tricks” As I was talking with one of my former coaching clients, he said, “Tammi, I have to believe there are a lot of organizations that could benefit from what you do. I learned so much from our coaching and it literally changed the whole culture of my plant. I used to try to do it all as a plant manager and I have learned to now use 53 other people out here to come up with new ideas and make the decisions. I know there are other organizations that need this kind of help. They need to change their old ways and they need someone to help them do it.”

There is nothing like your own client to get you pumped up about the work you love to do! I am not calling my clients literally old dogs (LOL), but as in the case of this client, Toby, he worked very hard to change from using a “command and control” style of leadership to one that is coaching-based and that engages his teams to help run his business. He wasn’t using faddish “tricks” but he reminded me that we can all be our own continuous improvement projects and that with an open mind, open heart and some caring help; we can make very important changes that allow us to become the leaders we would like to follow. He also reminded me that these changes not only had a positive impact on his employees, they also had a positive impact on his interactions with his peers and superiors, all resulting in a significant improvement in the business’s bottom line. Because of my interactions with Toby, and the encouragement that I received from seeing him grow, I have decided that I want to spend more time coaching leaders and helping them to make powerful and inspiring changes.

I have often joked in my leadership training sessions that my goal is: “To make the world a better place, one leader at a time”.  A little corny? Maybe, but I do get the most fulfillment from helping managers and executives do a better job of leading and helping their employees to become part of high-performing teams that are fun, motivating and impactful. I truly believe that leaders have a huge amount of influence in their daily interactions to make people’s lives great or miserable and that they powerfully impact the results of the business just by how they interact with those they lead. You can have the best people, the best processes and the most up-to-date-systems and still not have a successful, sustainable business if the leaders are not effective. If you don’t lead well, your organization will suffer. Lead well and it will thrive! It’s pretty simple, but not necessarily easy.

So, I am back and my website is launched! Please let me know if I can help you or your colleagues.  I am currently in a brain-based coaching certification program offered through David Rock’s Neuroleadership Group. It is a rigorous 16-week program and we are learning cutting-edge ways to get the quickest results through coaching, using neuroscience as our guide. I am offering an hour coaching session for free in the next 30 days, so please let me know if you or someone on your team could benefit from individual coaching to help you achieve your most important business and personal goals! I would be honored to work with you! My website further explains my services and offerings, but here is a quick summary of the work that I offer or partner with other experts to provide: Individual leadership coaching for new and seasoned leaders; coaching and training programs for groups of leaders, succession planning/gap analysis; employee training, team improvement/development, meeting design and facilitation, strategy development, organizational effectiveness, change management, and employee engagement. Please call if you want to just check in or if I can be of assistance to you.

Thank you for taking your precious time to read this update! Check back regularly for blogs and free leadership tips and tools at https://peoplesensellc.com/. Warm Regards, Tammi Tammi S. Wheeler, Principal PeopleSense, LLC 503-349-7495 (Mobile) tammi@peoplesensellc.com https://peoplesensellc.com

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