Wow, 2016 has been interesting.  As we pause and think about this year coming to an end, with the new one looming ahead, we thought it was best to focus on what we think is very important – “being” the best you that you can be!  During this season of hope, we want to share a few quick tips to enjoy this season and experience peace the WonChow Way!

  1. Be present – this is the best present you can give!  As we have shared in previous newsletters, Wonton and Chow are great at being fully “here” when they are with me.  I am challenged by them to do the same when I am with others.  Am I really all there, fully in, or am I thinking about what to do for our Christmas party this weekend?  A simple way to be fully present is to name what is swirling in your mind and sweep it away (visualize a broom).  This practice is called “clearing the space” in brain-based coaching.  Next, take 3 deep breaths (holding for 6 seconds, in and out).  It is amazing how much more relaxed and present you can be with these simple exercises!  Give others the most wonderful gift of your presence.  You can do this!
  2. Be intentional!  We can truly accomplish our goals if we are focused and intentional.  As I write this, I recognize that I have been putting off getting an important certification for a very long time.  Do you have something like that?  Something that is hanging over your head like a cloud?  I committed to doing the application by January 4th and have to report into my coach.  Have a clear goal, clear measurement and accountability, and you will accomplish it!
  3. Be caring to yourself – all three parts of yourself!  Remember we consist of three entities – spirit, mind, and body.  What are you doing to practice self-care in all three areas?  Is there something out of balance for you?  As I consider this, it is very clear to me what I need to work on.  What about you?  Why are we often so hard on ourselves?  Practice more self-care.
  4. Be clear on your priorities!  What really is most important in your life?  It is easy to rattle off a list, but is it really valid?  Deep down in your heart and soul?  Because as the old saying goes, what is most important is what gets attention.  Sometimes I have been quick to say something is very important.  But when I look at the investment of my time, money and energy, it really wasn’t!  Be real.  Be honest.  Then focus and invest in it!
  5. Be quiet!  We are all bombarded daily with information, noise and non-stop messages vying for our attention.  What practice do you have to ensure you have quiet time?  For me, it is praying, journaling and occasionally practicing my mindfulness body scan.  wonchowxmashats-12-19-13For Wonton and Chow Mein, it is a quick nap, curling up peacefully in their crates, or relaxing in their beds by the fire.  Actually, let’s be candid – it is several quick naps, all day long!
  6. Be willing to forgive and ask forgiveness!  Wow, this is convicting.  I honestly don’t like to say I am sorry, and I really don’t like to ask forgiveness.  I know that when I do, I feel a peace and I know that I am doing it as much for myself as for the other person.  Asking forgiveness and giving forgiveness is the only way to experience deep peace and to yank out a root of bitterness. Is there someone you need to ask forgiveness from?  Is there someone you need to forgive?  What better time than this season to do it?
  7. Be joyful!  I know that all of these tips are something that we can do as a choice.  They are simple, but perhaps not easy.  We each have the choice to do these things, no matter what the circumstances are.  Some days are much more challenging than others, but these actions are a choice.  We can choose to be joyful, even during a trial.

As that famous writer Shakespeare said, “To be or not to be? That is the question.”  We hope these tips remind you to place some important things at the “top of your mind” and that you truly can enjoy peace and joy during this season.  Let’s allow ourselves to stop, pause and consider what is truly most important in our lives!

We wish you the very best of the holidays!

Tammi, Wonton and Chow Mein