I think we all know there is no “Pot of Gold” that we just happen to find at the end of a rainbow. There aren’t a lot of leprechauns walking around our houses or offices either. So how do we achieve our goals and dreams without burning ourselves out and hating every minute of every day? Can you picture in your mind what it feels like to enjoy success, while staying peaceful? Can we agree that it takes more than luck?

Here are 5 tips to ensure success and help you reach your own “Pot of Gold!”

  • 1. Be intentional: Observe a dog that wants something and you’ll know what intentionality looks like! For example, take Wonton wanting to sneak a piece of chicken off a table or ChowMein focusing very hard on an annoying squirrel taunting him from the top of a fence. For us, achieving success and accomplishing our goals takes focus and being intentional. I often say, “Aim at nothing and you will hit it every time!” Intentional living requires gaining clarity about what we want and who we are, but also requires freeing ourselves from self-limiting thoughts and attitudes. It means that we take responsibility for taking action. We do what is required to accomplish a task or behavior that is important to us. It means we focus like a dog with a bone to achieve what we feel called to do! We can all be intentional!


  • 2. Write goals down: According to a study done by Gail Matthews at Dominican University, those who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who did not write down their goals. I am guessing you want to accomplish significantly more? In my coaching, I have clients create three goals and we write them in 7 words or less. We then polish these goals by creating 1-3 words that mean something important to the client. This way, when you are under pressure, it brings your goals quickly to the “top of your mind”. Examples my clients have used are, “She went pro!” and “Worry free!” One of my clients has cancer and she recently told me that her polished goal –“Kick cancer’s ass!” — has really helped her get through the tough challenges and trials of her journey. That blessed me to hear how powerful her goal was to her during a very difficult time in her life. This stuff is real and very powerful!


  • 3. Measure progress: How do you know that you are progressing in your goals and working towards that “pot of gold?” Simple. Break them up! Have measurable, smaller steps along the way that are reasonable and realistic. It is exciting to see progress and keeps you on track as you move forward. Tackle each milestone and move down the path toward your final accomplishment. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


  • 4. Set an end date: Have a final end date and a clear vision of your end result. Better yet, share with a coach or friend what your end date is, and you will be more likely to make it happen with support and accountability. You will relish the internal reward, and perhaps enjoy an additional external reward when you meet your goal. What I see from my inspiring clients is that success truly does breed more success! A cycle of accomplishment is much more rewarding than a cycle of despair! We can all achieve success!


  • 5. Celebrate! I ask my clients to celebrate their accomplishments and it is amazing how challenging it is for most people! Why? Is it because we so often focus on what we are NOT accomplishing? I know I slip down that slope way too often! Is it because we are often pushed to do more? How about stopping, acknowledging and celebrating in whatever way is meaningful to you!  Seeing your accomplishments, even small ones, can truly feel like you have reached into a shiny pot of gold and finding you will be more than lucky; you will be proud, peaceful and self-satisfied!



Come on, you’ve got this! Wonton, ChowMein and I wish you the very best of luck!