I’m curious: am I the only one that doesn’t always experience a selfie-smiling, million-dollar-making, Facebook-liking, heart-pounding, family-hugging, friend-loving, cork-popping life?  
If you have noticed, our blog has been absent for a short period of time because things have been a bit “challenging”. Wonton, Chow Mein and I thought we’d share a few things that we have been learning lately.
The WonChow Way to Shine During Stress:
Chow Mein tore the meniscus and ACL ligaments in BOTH his hind legs. That translates to a heart-wrenching amount of pain, bilateral TPLO surgery, rehab, and LOTS of money so that he is able to limp around the house two months later. He had to crawl on his belly for several days and used pure grit to move forward. He still has to wear a “Cone of Shame” and walks with a serious limp. It will be MONTHS before he can hopefully walk normally. It means his parents have to carry him up and down stairs, causing a lot of back ache. It means his brother WonTon cannot wrestle or play “chase” with him. It means that he has to lose weight. Finally, it means a lot of stress, tension, tears and growing for our family. Chow Mein has provided much learning about what it takes to keep moving forward during the most trying of times. He’s shown us how to be a loyal leader even during the most painful of circumstances. As always, he conveyed fabulous pearls of wisdom that he has asked me to share with you about being a committed leader during times of incredible stress.
It is what it is:  Stress is. Life is. Pain is. What has been going on for me “is”.  Acknowledge what is. Can’t change it. Can’t control it. Recently, I experienced having a dear loved one diagnosed with Stage 3B cancer. I have had my checking account “hacked” and had fake checks taken from my account. I have had business commitments fall off. I have had promising clients that didn’t choose to work with me. I have had family challenges. I have had health issues. I have had a website that crashed.  I have had my dog experience a major surgery. “Just is!”

We can find “that rainbow!” I have felt very disoriented lately because I have experienced a loss of drive, energy and passion. Reading other blogs, emails and Facebook entries makes it seem like I am the only one who has struggled. If you have lost your mojo like me, can I hear an AMEN?! Sometimes life is hard, stressful, heartbreaking, and… It is what it is! You feel drained, sad and want a hug and acceptance from your tribe, as you crawl towards a rainbow.

Finding the Rainbow – Ideas to keep you moving forward: 

  • Be Intentional – Pick ONE action to accomplish in your day and ensure you do it. Even if it is just getting out of bed and then making it, you have accomplished something important! Acknowledge yourself for accomplishing it! Give yourself credit for your accomplishments and keep moving forward. You will slowly gain energy with each thing you tackle.
  • Be Loving We all need more love during these challenging times! Even when in excruciating pain, Chow Mein modeled love. He gave me several licks when I touched him and he never snapped or growled, even when he was rushed three times to the emergency clinic or picked up by strangers. He always demonstrated love and patience even when frightened and in pain. He chose to love even during great duress! We all can choose to be loving.
  • Be Knowledgeable – What can you learn from challenges? Are you prepared to help someone through a trial? Do you know what they are experiencing?  Do you understand their challenges or pain? Research, ask questions, LISTEN and just be present as you become knowledgeable of others’ pain and challenges. Can you show empathy because you understand?  What can you learn from a trial? How can you use it to help others?
  • Be Thankful! Reflect on your experiences and be thankful for them! It may be hard to do, but you can find things to be thankful for as you experience trials and challenges! I am thankful that I have seen real love modeled by an amazing dog! I am thankful that my bank is helping me to address the “hacking” I experienced. I am thankful that my website is getting refreshed. I am thankful for loving friends and family that accept me for me and who hug me even when I appear ugly and ungrateful!
We hope us sharing our ideas may help and bless you in the WonChow Way! We wish you all the best as you move towards the light of the rainbow!

— Tammi, Wonton and Chow Mein