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Tammi is a certified coach and the Principal of PeopleSense, LLC. For over 20 years, she has coached and trained executives, leaders, teams and students. Her mission is to partner as a trusted advisor to inspire powerful results.

Is Your Brain Ready For Spring Cleaning?

“Spring is a time to renew the excitement and zest for life that lives inside” – Family Friend Poems      I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beauty and refreshment of Spring! It truly is a time for renewal. We can look at springtime as a way to “reboot” and begin anew. It’s called "spring cleaning’’ because we can clean and refresh our living space. But what about our brain? Is your [...]

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Power of Thankfulness

“We would worry less if we praised more. Thanksgiving is the enemy of discontent and dissatisfaction.” ― Harry A. Ironside So, as we draw close to very important American Holiday, “Thanksgiving”, I want to say thank you my friends, clients and colleagues! Thank you for all the ways you enhance my life and bring value to this world! As I have focused more this year in my coaching on better understanding how our brains work [...]

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This is your brain on coaching!

      What is brain-based coaching and what is special about it? Having completed a fascinating and rigorous brain-based coaching certification program through David Rock’s NeuroLeadership Group, I thought I’d share some of the key things I have learned and use this opportunity to address questions I have received. 1)       “Facilitating positive changes by improving thinking” is how brain-based coaching is defined.  The emphasis is on positive, focused, change and helping people think better, versus  [...]

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Recipe for “bite-sized” elephant – Tips from PeopleSense LLC – August 2013

A secret recipe for “bite-sized” elephant – tips for breaking a challenge into smaller pieces.   In business and our personal lives we often talk about the “Elephant in the Room".  So, today I am writing about that “Giant Elephant” that is following you wherever you go - on the way home from work, while you are watching TV, while you are at your kid’s practice.  The one that even crowds its big rear-end into [...]

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June 2013 – Help I’m drowning!

Help, I'm Drowning! Help me…… Are you picturing a horrifying situation as you stand on the shore and watch a person caught in a swirl, going round and round? Are you picturing a whole boat of people sinking on the Titanic as their terrified faces show in one glance all the emotion of slipping into black, icy-cold water with no help? Good! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk! I hope you take the [...]

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