3 11, 2016

5 Ways to Increase Your Leadership: Presence & Confidence – Tap Into Your Super Powers, the WonChow Way

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https://youtu.be/mbrsbN31j7E Have you noticed how some people just command presence? Do you ever wish you could have a "do over" after leaving a presentation or meeting?  Often, my clients desire to feel more powerful and confident when they present and interact, especially with groups where senior leaders are present. I often provide tips during coaching sessions and I teach a 1.5 day practical presentation training course because let's face it--we are constantly scrutinized and [...]

21 08, 2016

Mind Full or Mindful? The WonChow Way to Effective Leadership

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Have you envied the wild laughter and shrill screams of a child on a swing as they climb higher and higher?  Have you marveled at a dog as he focuses completely and fully on a juicy bone, chomping loudly and oblivious to the world around him?  Have you enjoyed a salty breeze on your face, the warm sun on your skin and the wondrous smells of the ocean while thinking about absolutely nothing but the [...]

15 06, 2016

Are You the Leader of the Pack? The WonChow Way to Effective Leadership

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Now that we are getting back into the “Dog Days of Summer," I thought we could all learn some valuable tips and tricks from some special leaders: my dogs Wonton and Chow Mein!  They are here to introduce the “WonChow Way to Effective Leadership."  We hope you enjoy the first of our video blog series and benefit from three tips to being an effective leader and team player. Tip 1: “Know thyself” - a famous [...]

10 02, 2015

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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February is American Heart Month, the month of Valentine’s Day Celebrations and a great time to talk about something we often don’t talk about – Love. What does love have to do with it? With what?  Hmm, with work, play, relationships, pretty much with everything! I am a “T”, a “Thinker” in Meyers-Briggs and am quite logical, analytical and “tough minded” in my work. Colleagues have often heard me say, “This is too woo-woo or [...]

29 07, 2014

What My Dogs Have Taught Me About Enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer”

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Ok, so the rays are raging, the birds are performing a fabulous symphony each morning and the crickets and frogs are partying way beyond 10:00 pm these days. So what to do to get the best from these “Dog Days of Summer?” In many organizations the pace slows down a little during the summer with so many people on vacation. As a consultant this is a little concerning, but I am learning to capitalize on [...]

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