Mind Full or Mindful? The WonChow Way to Effective Leadership

Have you envied the wild laughter and shrill screams of a child on a swing as they climb higher and higher?  Have you marveled at a dog as he focuses completely and fully on a juicy bone, chomping loudly and oblivious to the world around him?  Have you enjoyed a salty breeze on your face, the warm sun on your skin and the wondrous smells of the ocean while thinking about absolutely nothing but the [...]

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Are You the Leader of the Pack? The WonChow Way to Effective Leadership

Now that we are getting back into the “Dog Days of Summer," I thought we could all learn some valuable tips and tricks from some special leaders: my dogs Wonton and Chow Mein!  They are here to introduce the “WonChow Way to Effective Leadership."  We hope you enjoy the first of our video blog series and benefit from three tips to being an effective leader and team player. Tip 1: “Know thyself” - a famous [...]

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This is your brain on coaching!

      What is brain-based coaching and what is special about it? Having completed a fascinating and rigorous brain-based coaching certification program through David Rock’s NeuroLeadership Group, I thought I’d share some of the key things I have learned and use this opportunity to address questions I have received. 1)       “Facilitating positive changes by improving thinking” is how brain-based coaching is defined.  The emphasis is on positive, focused, change and helping people think better, versus  [...]

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Recipe for “bite-sized” elephant – Tips from PeopleSense LLC – August 2013

A secret recipe for “bite-sized” elephant – tips for breaking a challenge into smaller pieces.   In business and our personal lives we often talk about the “Elephant in the Room".  So, today I am writing about that “Giant Elephant” that is following you wherever you go - on the way home from work, while you are watching TV, while you are at your kid’s practice.  The one that even crowds its big rear-end into [...]

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Welcome to PeopleSense!

Hello special friends, clients and colleagues! Welcome to the “Grand Reopening” of PeopleSense, LLC. Tammi Wheeler is now focusing fulltime on consulting and leadership coaching and is available to help with your organization’s needs! I am excited to tell you that I am returning to doing the work I love to do and partnering with people I enjoy working with the most! That’s why you are receiving this notice. “We can teach Old Dogs, New [...]

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