When It Rains, It Pours… Do You Want to Find a Rainbow?

I’m curious: am I the only one that doesn’t always experience a selfie-smiling, million-dollar-making, Facebook-liking, heart-pounding, family-hugging, friend-loving, cork-popping life?   If you have noticed, our blog has been absent for a short period of time because things have been a bit "challenging". Wonton, Chow Mein and I thought we'd share a few things that we have been learning lately.   The WonChow Way to Shine During Stress: Chow Mein tore the meniscus and ACL ligaments [...]

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What’s Love Got To Do With It?

February is American Heart Month, the month of Valentine’s Day Celebrations and a great time to talk about something we often don’t talk about – Love. What does love have to do with it? With what?  Hmm, with work, play, relationships, pretty much with everything! I am a “T”, a “Thinker” in Meyers-Briggs and am quite logical, analytical and “tough minded” in my work. Colleagues have often heard me say, “This is too woo-woo or [...]

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What My Dogs Have Taught Me About Enjoying the “Dog Days of Summer”

Ok, so the rays are raging, the birds are performing a fabulous symphony each morning and the crickets and frogs are partying way beyond 10:00 pm these days. So what to do to get the best from these “Dog Days of Summer?” In many organizations the pace slows down a little during the summer with so many people on vacation. As a consultant this is a little concerning, but I am learning to capitalize on [...]

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June 2013 – Help I’m drowning!

Help, I'm Drowning! Help me…… Are you picturing a horrifying situation as you stand on the shore and watch a person caught in a swirl, going round and round? Are you picturing a whole boat of people sinking on the Titanic as their terrified faces show in one glance all the emotion of slipping into black, icy-cold water with no help? Good! Now that I have your attention, let’s talk! I hope you take the [...]

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